Support MotivateInvest LoveEducate = SMILE


Support-Motivate-Invest-Love and Educate our Youth


SMILE will ensure each child has their basic needs met, while helping them tap into their inner SMILE (Purpose) and bridging the gap between our elders and the youth.

SMILE Core Values

We ensure that children are aware of their basic human needs.

We believe early intervention and prevention is the key to a healthy society.

We commit to leaving the community/world better than we found it socially, by encouraging children to use their talents.

We believe in bridging the generational gap between our and elders and youth  in the community

We believe in equipping our  children and youth with character development and social  life skills through education, and mentoring

We believe that everyone was born to SMILE

 SMILE Philosophy

Supporting our children using the village to mentor and love them through their real life situations.  It is important for each child to learn the benefit of teaming early.

Motivation (inner) is the key, to working our passion.  The main goal is to find out what our children’s purpose is and cultivate it.

Investing back to society using our gifts is crucial, it teaches our children how to thrive, not just survive.  It is our purpose to leave the world better than we found it.

Loving yourself is the only way you can truly love others Love-Listen:  We teach our children to love themselves so they will not intentionally hurt others.

Education is essential to perfect your talent whatever it is, our goal is to provide tools and assistance for each child to succeed.  Reading, Journaling, and memory work is the key to success in the SMILE Program.